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Overview of Climate Mitigating Technologies

VenEarth supports, develops and invests in climate-mitigation technologies for restoring pre-industrial levels of carbon in the atmosphere.

Climate scientists currently project that CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere must be brought below 350ppm by midcentury and to preindustrial levels by 2100. Rebuilding our energy production systems using zero-net-carbon technologies is critically necessary, but is not sufficient to achieve this important goal. Large scale deployment of systems which withdraw CO2 from the atmosphere is also required.

VenEarth is supporting research and investing in both energy production and carbon withdrawal systems linked to agriculture.

New technologies can drive down the cost of collecting surplus solar energy over farmland, and solar deployment can benefit farming, particularly in sunny areas subject to desertification.

New approaches to carbon sequestration can build stable soil carbon, by driving down the cost of converting excess agricultural biomass into carbon-rich soil amendments.

Biochar systems can reduce CO2 and improve soil fertility

Scientists call for much deeper CO2 drops than any IPCC scenario.
Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim? (PDF 1.4MB)

The eventual goal is to transform the net impact of farming (especially in sunny third-world nations) to withdrawal from the atmosphere of tons per hectare of greenhouse gases each year, while enhancing the energy, economy, and health of farming communities.

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