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We develop and invest in sustainable agriculture and energy technologies.
VenEarth and its portfolio companies have assembled an international team of scientists, engineers and business leaders to develop earth-friendly technologies and businesses.

The Promise of Biochar

VenEarth is a major supporter of the International Biochar Initiative. This video was produced by IBI for the Poznan round of climate discussions, during which biochar was placed on the agenda for Copenhagen.

Soil Carbon, Science, Policy and Politics

Watch VenEarth Managing Partner John Moussouris 1/09 presentation on Biochar, Agriculture and Climate.


We are focused on two complementary strategies.

First: to drive down the cost of collecting surplus solar energy over farmland (particularly in areas subject to desertification).

Second: to enhance carbon sequestration in soil biosystems — by driving down the cost of converting excess agricultural biomass into carbon-rich soil amendments.

Our goal: to transform the net impact of farming (especially in third-world nations) to withdraw tons per hectare of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, while enhancing the energy, economy, and health of farming communities.

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The Promise of Biochar

Soil Carbon: Science, Policy, and Politics